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Drunk moron eel cut – here’s something I prepared earlier!
October 11, 2008, 1:39 pm
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I posted a comment on Sean Cubitt’s blog about the culture of amateur arts which had me really thinking about what makes your work artistic rather than just nice drawings or ‘sunday paintings’ and where one draws the line.

I often find artists, I’m thinking here of my Australian contemporaries who practice art in one form or another, need something to rally against.

How often I’ve heard them condemn one piece of work and pedestal another.

As an observer I sometimes see no substantial difference between the works. Stylistically of course but in terms of there quality as examples of fine art I see barely any.

One artist I know condemns decorative art and photography while praising ‘raw art’. Another lampoons modern art praising the technical skills of the great masters or there modern equivalents.

There are of course substantial differences in the different periods in art history but are these any less art works? Is Rothko any better or worst than Van Gogh? Is there even any point in try to make a qualitative assessment?

As I said earlier I think perhaps it’s a necessary stage in artistic development and for some and essential mode for creating art. ‘That’s not art’ they will tell me ‘anybody could do that, even a child could do that’. To which I always respond ahh but they didn’t, you didn’t and what is art in any event?

It is a favourite discussion and I think brought to the fore by Cubitt’s comment on Radio National’s Artworks program that he dislike the professionalisation of art and current artistic culture where one has to learn art a certain way to be an artist.

Perhaps this is true but I wonder if it hasn’t been this way for centuries, the avante garde start a revolution then over time they become the established and before we know it they are part of the institution to be protested against.


Five musical sirens
October 7, 2008, 10:17 pm
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Five musical sirens

Completely inspired after today’s trip to the library. I’ve been thinking about making an illustration of a mermaid but of course typing mermaid into the library database won’t overwhelm you with references.
So I went to look up the one book that was in the Camberwell library and see what resulted.

It should have been no surprise that I came across a section covering fantastic creatures and folklore. This is perfect and I realised in a flash that what I should be doing for my MA proposal is a series of images on mythological beasties and folklore. So I loaded up with five books that were on the shelf and we are away!

Hot Rods and Hairy Beasts
October 4, 2008, 2:28 pm
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Freebie bag of post cards and other info from the Hot Rods exhibition at Conningsby Gallery near Goodge st.

Freebie bag of post cards and other info from the Hot Rods exhibition at Conningsby Gallery near Goodge st.

Excellent exhibition with some really nice digital prints, I’m definitely going to research how the prints were made, really bright colours and nice textured papers.

I particularly liked Rod Hunts ‘Robot Love’ both the concept and the modern ‘pixel art’ styled pieces. His work is very detailed and brightly coloured, like a lot of the pixel art genre, just more of a smooth vector version rather than the squared off pixel renderings.

As for the content well you know you are always going to get a laugh having two robots posed in different sexual positions. The fixed smiling faces and subtle use of limited facial expressions works well to set up the humour.

Allan Sanders has a more stripped back – quite child like and flat coloured humourous pieces. I can see it being used in Roger Ramjet (that old kids but-not cartoon).

There are definite similarities with the other artists, it’s almost like a spectrum of styles from Robs complex (busy) work to Nishant’s stripped back two and one colour pieces via Linzie Hunters more muted 50’s style.

There was one of Linzie’s lettering pieces that was fantastic. Not sure what is was called – the private view was packed and it was a little tricky getting round but in some ways it’s what you’d want at an opening really!

Here’s the exhibition link to check out the artists work if you fancy.

Hot Rods and Hairy Beasts

PS Now I remember what Linzie’s style reminds me of. There was a web site called in the early days of the web which used quite similiar sort of retro looking illustration – you have to use the Way Back Machine to find the posts now there archive seems to have died.