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The Funeral Director
January 27, 2009, 8:25 pm
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the funeral director

More, more, more!

Sarah McIntyre was a real inspiration today. So I’m having another go at daily sketching action.

My funeral director was one of the random breakfast sketches from the last week or so but the sketching so far’s not been very regular an event.


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I really like this. The style and shading are good and the character has the sense of a melancholy story behind him.

Comment by Jaqueline

I hadn’t thought about him being melancholy but I guess that he does have that look. I’ve been playing around with little sketches of him. I’m wondering if I should develop him into more of a full blown painted piece, might look nice, dark and brooding!

Comment by manicinsomnia

I think that could work, but I think you’d need to stay within the black, white and grey spectrum to retain that feeling. Or if you choose colour, keep it to a limited palette.

Comment by Jaqueline

Definitely I’m thinking a very sort of Victorian/Dickensian look maybe more grim and a rough painterly approach!

Comment by manicinsomnia

Just the style I was thinking of to pull off his look!

Comment by Jaqueline

Hey there. Is the funeral director a man or a woman?

Comment by astralcrocodile

He is a bloke, although a little effeminate, I’ve tried to use some angular lines in his face but the Adam’s apple is the real giveaway.

Comment by Guthrie

[…] is the perfect character study for me and looks much like my Funeral Director with a long pale face, often dressed in black, although no Victorian would’ve heard of […]

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