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Secret Wars graffiti/illustrators battle
February 26, 2009, 2:22 pm
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secret wars Jan 09 almost done
Almost at the end of the first wall in the competition.

Secret Wars is no your usual graffiti battle and is like watching to comic artists go head to head. So something a little different to report on today but it’s really interesting to me especially the possibilities for my creative practice.

I really think this would be a lot of fun to do and although these are a hybrid graffiti/drawing/painting style some of the other competitors go for almost a straight literal illustrative approach.

secret wars Jan 09 competition
A rare moment as out man checks out the early stages on the opposite wall.

Secret Wars is no your usual graffiti battle and is like watching to comic artists go head to head.

secret wars Jan 09 battle half way
Toe to toe as the time counts down.

Competitors have 90 minutes to complete there piece with black markers, brushes and rollers, many opt for the marker for the battle but on the other wall they were using brushes.

secret wars Jan 09 ladder
The ever useful ladder.

The competition hots up and the ladder is out again in the Secret Wars battle.

secret wars Jan 09 winner
We have a winner!

In a very close call the winner, whose piece you can see behind him on the right is selected. There are two judges and a crowd choice made by a decibel reader.


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Good to see this as one of your inspirations. It’s nice to know what people are inspired by. The work you produce could easily be transfered to this kind of style – this is where you have to embrace imperfections and work around them because of the time limit. Amazing event!! Can’t wait til the next one.

Comment by Jaqueline

Yeah it would be good to compete, I think it really challenges your creativity to try and make something with limited tools in a short time!

Comment by Guthrie

Some of these are amazing!! Its incredible to watch as a performance…not sure if i would have the nerve to carry out something like this! Its great to see the artists really push themselves within the rules of just black and white!

Comment by Paul Giles

Hey Paul it’s so fundamental isn’t it! I can’t help feeling that being able to express the fundamentals of idea in this is crucial. If it works well as mono line art then chances are high it will only get better when you add colour.

Comment by Guthrie

Congratulation…brother…i from ecuador you can make me something cool with this lettres SBRNS …thank soo much…

Comment by Luis

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