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G is for Gruesome and just a little darker…
March 2, 2009, 11:26 am
Filed under: Art, digital art, Drawing, Illustration, Painter, Photoshop
G is for Gruesome 7
A swift ‘darkening’ of G is for Gruesome

I noticed when I was preparing this piece for print today that the distribution of tone was very even making the image very flat.

This was not my intention so I worked it over in photoshop some more to try and create greater variation in tonality and give it a darker feel.

A photoshop technique I’ve learnt recently worked well. Basically you use the dodge and burn tools – so quite a photographic approach – to darken and highlight your image. I pushed quite extensively at the whole image to give it greater contrast. It’s definitely less flat and a little less friendly, but not really as menacing as I’d like.

Overall I think it’s an improvement as the previous version was a great deal flatter and a bit lifeless for it.


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I think this version definately has more of a menacing feel to it than the first one. The darkening makes it jump out of the page more and makes it look more 3-D. A really good piece!

Comment by Jaqueline

Thanks. I tried to work into it a bit more sculpturally painting in greater tonal variation which I think has worked to improve it.

This has been a pivotal piece for developing my digital techniques and learning how to use Painter and Photoshop more for creative ends.

Comment by Guthrie

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