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Painting in progress – the ranger
The ranger (version 9) - digital painting
The ranger gets a work over

Still a work in progress I’ve gone back to black and white to get the values right and fix some of the compositional elements right.

I cropped the piece tighter to give the compositional more impact. The gun still isn’t quite right and the right arm looks a bit odd but I am learning a lot from this experiment.

Painter is great for textures but I’m just not happy with the accuracy of the brushes, they just don’t work Iike I want them to. Overpainting in Photoshop has been brilliant though which is where all the recent work has been done.



Just for a laugh here’s the sketch I did after a few difficult weeks.

I started with the claw hand and the rest just came from there with a little inspiration from the Cramps album artwork and psychotic hill billy rock’n tunes! Go Lux!!


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Haha, I like Nos-frustrato! He reminds me a little bit of Eddie the Iron Maiden demon/devil (at least I think that’s his name). The ranger obviously is a work in progress but I like the detail that is starting to form on him – the definition in his body, face, etc. After looking at the piece for a little while I liek how the gun is so close to the forefront of the picture. It makes the image and the ranger seem slightly more dangerous. It also draws the audience to the end point of the character without taking over the picture. Good stuff!

Comment by craftyfox

It’s funny I look at it now and the body posture is wrong which I hadn’t noticed before I’ll have to pose it and do some sketches to work out how and fix it!

I want to get the tone and character set up right before I reintroduce the colour elements. It’s interesting that it’s only in digital mode that you can really de-saturate and image and start again. With a painting you’d probably have to start again almost.

Comment by Guthrie

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