Guthrie’s Art Journal

Why am I here?

I’ve started this blog as way of bringing together imagery I’m working on, random notes and musing on my practice as it develops at Camberwell over the next two years.

It seems appropriate as someone who does a lot of screen work to reflect in this space as well as the joy of hand written journals. And I can add additional comments as I have here by scanning pieces of my journals in without disturbing the images on the page.

The header image for those curious is a section of graffitti which I think I photographed in Paris – I like the mix of different textures, paint and dirt you get with overlapping pieces of street art, when you stand very near. I feel like I am almost making a new image by cropping out the recogniseable ‘piece’ and just leaving the shapes, colours and textures where several of these pieces intersect on a wall.


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good luck for your art-blog. I like blackandwhite drawings a lot. keep on with tha work. greetingz

Comment by fluctibus

Cheers it’s a starting point for me – I think it’s a good skill to be able to have and the discipline of pen on paper is a good one for me!

Comment by manicinsomnia

I like the header and the kitten and marshall man best

Comment by Isabel

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